Best of Cruelty Free

Best of Cruelty Free is dedicated to providing you with unbiased and informative reviews of Cruelty Free Beauty products. We'll endeavor to take the guesswork out of your research efforts to find those companies who don't test their products on animals.

Wherever possible, we'll also try to locate the best Natural, Organic and Vegan cruelty free products to use yourself, for loved ones or for gifts.

You deserve this. It's a comforting thought that animals weren't experimented on, tested upon, or harmed in the production of these cruelty free cosmetics and products. In any event, animals are not willing participants in any of these activities, nor do they get a choice. If you're one of those people that wants to do the right thing - then you're in the right place.

Cruelty Free Skincare

It’s fairly obvious what the term skincare is all about. What isn’t is how we go about looking after our body’s largest organ – our skin. Our vital outer barrier that’s flexible, durable, and yet, supple. Not only warding off diseases, micro-organisms, and the environment, but also moderating our temperature, providing us with feeling – to avoid extreme cold, heat and even danger.

Cruelty Free Makeup

For thousands of years, women and men have been using makeup either to hide imperfections, highlight our best features, to help attract a mate, promote a contemporary look, or even to help you to feel good about yourself.

Initially, living organisms and natural ingredients were used but some of these were also heavy metals! Ouch. You may have heard the term “suffer for beauty”. Women throughout time have risked their health, their bodies, and even their lives for that perfect posture, look, or style.

Cruelty Free Hair Care

From the first time someone gazed at their reflection in a pond, and liked what they saw, we’ve been interested in beauty.

Interestingly, hair care isn’t completely based around the health & wellbeing of your hair. There’s a symbiotic relationship between the health of your scalp, as well as your hair. Every strand of hair you have sprouts from beneath your skin. Essentially, the better we look after our overall health, our skin as a whole will follow suit.

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Best Cruelty Free Eye Cream

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Best Cruelty Free Face Wash

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