A Long history of Cruelty-Free Makeup

For thousands of years, women and men have been using makeup either to hide imperfections, highlight our best features, to help attract a mate, promote a contemporary look, or even to help you to feel good about yourself.

Initially, living organisms and natural ingredients were used but some of these were also heavy metals! Ouch. You may have heard the term “suffer for beauty”. Women throughout time have risked their health, their bodies, and even their lives for that perfect posture, look, or style.

cruelty free makeup

Change for the better

Fortunately, times have changed. Without a doubt, so have our attitudes. The expression ‘you are what you eat’ rings very true. For example, if you eat unhealthy foodstuffs, would you expect to live to a ripe old age? Perhaps you may but, your complexion may suffer as a result. Your skin could turn out blotchy, pimply, blemished, or discolored. There’s plenty of evidence around to support this.

On the other hand, the substances we put on our skin – our largest organ, can also have an impact on our wellbeing. Toxins, chemical compounds, preservatives, heavy metals, acids, and bases can all leach into our pores, and potentially our blood streams or lymphatic systems.

With that in mind, cruelty-free makeup certainly has its advantages:
  • Ethically and humanely produced
  • Environmental impact reduced
  • Safer ingredients
  • Carbon footprint reduced
  • Your spend benefits animal welfare

What are some of the types of Cruelty-Free Makeup?

There are many types in the market and a countless amount of applications for each. Importantly, when you use these cosmetics, you’re doing the right thing by not involving animals in any way in the production of the cruelty-free makeup you decide to use.

In simple terms, here’s a rundown of what’s on offer:

  • Primers/foundation
  • Powders – pressed, finishing, setting, loose
  • Various concealers
  • Highlighters/contours
  • Blushes/rouges
  • Bronzers
  • Eye products – eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, fillers, eyelash enhancers/curlers
  • Lip products – lipstick, lip primers, lip stains, lip gloss, balms, creams, plumpers
  • Eyebrow products – pencils, gels, powders, spoolies
  • Setting sprays

All in all, not a complete list but a good starting point. Do you have to use all of these? Heck no! There’s as many YouTube videos as grains of sand on your favorite beach of tutorials on makeup application.

Find your happy place for your face and at the same time pat yourself on the back for leaving animals out of the equation.

Cruelty-Free Makeup Products

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