Cruelty Free Skincare

Cruelty Free Skin Care

It’s fairly obvious what the term skincare is all about. What isn’t is how we go about looking after our body’s largest organ – our skin. Our vital outer barrier that’s flexible, durable, and yet, supple. Not only warding off diseases, micro-organisms, and the environment, but also moderating our temperature, providing us with feeling – to avoid extreme cold, heat and even danger.

Skin health

If all you did to look after your skin is bathe or shower, think about what you use to cleanse your skin. Ordinary soap has its pros and cons, depending on what they’re made of. Some poorly made examples can alter our skin’s mildly acidic pH, killing healthy bacteria, and ridding your skin of vital oils that protect it.

Ideally, a cruelty-free body wash can be used to compliment your skin’s natural hydration and defence mechanisms. By and large, these are a great deal better than soap. Why? Generally, the range on offer is kinder to your skin than the big-name brands. Even better, all natural, organic, and vegan cruelty-free products are becoming more prevalent than ever before.

Your skin will respond better to these products too – much like the healthier you eat, your body will respond to it positively, and the healthier you’ll feel. Healthy skin looks better, keeps its tone and color, and is more resistant to breakouts, disease and wrinkling.


cruelty free makeup

Skincare, then Makeup? Yes!

There are many trains of thought on what order this should be done in. What’s important is the actual ‘foundation’ you’re going to start with. Be mindful of the climatic conditions where you live– what season it is, relative humidity, wind density etc. will all have a bearing on how your skin reacts and feels.

Bear in mind, not all of these need to be a part your skincare regime though. Above all, start with cleansing your face, then use the types of cruelty-free products that suit your skin type. Over time, your skin’s health will improve if you stick with it.

Here’s a breakdown of the ideal routine we’ve found with some research:


  1. Cleanser
  2. Toner
  3. Serum
  4. Eye cream
  5. Spot treatment
  6. Moisturizer
  7. Face oils
  8. Sunscreen
  9. Foundation/Primers


  1. (Double) cleanser
  2. Toners, essences, boosters
  3. Eye cream
  4. Serums, pads, creams
  5. Hydrating mask/face oil
  6. Moisturizer/night cream

Sun lovers beware!

Many of us will spend time in the sun, trying to brown up after losing it in the winter months. We all need sunlight to keep our vitamin D levels at an optimum – to boost our immune systems, support skeletal maintenance, and for the absorption of Calcium.

Although, too much will damage our skin. We’ve all probably gotten sunburnt at least once. UV radiation from the sun can damage our skin cells, resulting in the redness associated with sunburn. Our skin is trying to repair itself, sending more blood to affected areas, and eventually, peeling to expel damaged skin. To be sure, a balance here is essential.

Prevention better than cure

What can we do about this? Or any other skin related issues? On the one hand, we could just stay indoors. Practical? All in all, not really. For the most part, we can’t avoid going outside. What we can do is protect our skin with cruelty-free skincare products. Why cruelty-free? There are manufacturers out there that at some stage of production, may test new products on animals. On the contrary, if you think this is unfair, choose the cruelty-free route when you research the best products that suit your skin type.

Skin aging is inevitable. Importantly, we can slow premature aging to an extent. By using cruelty-free skincare products, firstly, we can minimize the harm done to animals.

Secondly, it’s entirely possible to reduce the absorption of toxins thru our pores by using natural, vegan, and chemical-free skincare products.

Thirdly, our impact on the environment can be greatly reduced by avoiding non-biodegradable solids, preservatives, petroleum-based products and other complex chemical compounds.

Lastly, we can protect our look, our bodies, our wellbeing, our health, and ultimately, mother earth.

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